The Dashboard provides an intuitive display providing real time monitoring of the backup status, running tasks, task history, task schedule, and disk information.
To access, click [Dashboard] from the left panel of the ActiveImage Console. Click on each header to view each panel of the Dashboard.



A list of the virtual machines protected by ActiveImage Protector is displayed. Monitor the progress of HyperBack tasks or right-click on a virtual machine name and select an operation for the task. The [HyperAgent] pane is provided in the [Dashboard], in Server, and Virtual (HyperAgent) Editions.

System Health Status


Displays the status of the host computer which ActiveImage Protector is installed. The detailed information includes the status, date and time of the last task completed. Click the [Here] link in the dialog to access the task log listed with the task execution date/time.

IT Pro Edition does not provide this feature.

Current Task


The [Task] pane displays the progress of any currently running task. This panel is ideal for monitoring backup progress in real time.

Task Log


The [TaskLog] panel displays the results of the completed tasks. The task log containing the profile of the executed task can be displayed by double-clicking the listed task.



The [Schedule] panel displays the currently configured schedule name, task type, and date and time of the last and next scheduled task execution.

The IT Pro Edition does not provide a [Schedule] panel.

The following operations can be performed for the selected schedule.

Cluster Edition provides the option for performing the selected operation to the entirety of the backup nodes or not.

Disk Information

The Disk Information panel provides a complete display of the volumes and disks of the host machine.