Utilities include a Linux-based boot environment builder.

BE Builder (Linux)

BE Builder (Linux)

  • The boot environment builder is included and creates a boot environment in an ISO image file. Specify the location to save the ISO image file.

Utilities of AIP Boot Environment

Linux-based Boot Environment

  • Network Settings
    Configure the settings for network adapter, IP address and DNS server.

  • Mount (Network)
    A network shared folder can be selected for mount to the local system.

  • Mount (Local) Local volumes can be mounted or unmounted.

  • Open Terminal
    Start the terminal to run commands from the command line.

  • File Explorer
    Browse, copy, cut, and paste files and folders while in the boot environment.

  • Display settings Configure the display settings for the ActiveImage Protector Boot Environment.

  • Launch AIP CLI
    Launch ActiveImage Protector’s command line user interface.