Command Reference

This reference provides the command syntax to run various tasks, view information or to script specific ActiveImage Protector operations from a command line interface (/opt/Actiphy/aipcontrol).

Remote Management Capabilities

  • remote
    Remotely operate an ActiveImage Protector service on remote machine. Parameter: ipv4address port <login password>*<login username>

  • discover
    Discover an ActiveImage Protector service on networked machine.

  • bye
    Disconnect from ActiveImage Protector service on networked remote host, and try connect to ActiveImage Protector service on local host.

  • networkuser
    Sets the domainuser to be used for access to backups on a network location.

Activation of ActiveImage Protector

  • activate
    Activate the product.
    parameter: <product key>

Display Disk / Option Settings Information

  • diskinfo
    Displays disk and volume information.

  • serviceinfo
    Displays information on the AIP service.

  • config
    Gets or sets Service settings configuration. parameters: <setting> [<value>]

Backup Profiles

  • profiles
    Lists existing profiles.

  • profile
    Lists or changes the value of the profile variables. parameters: <profile> [<variable> [<value>]]

  • profilepw
    Changes the password specified in a profile. parameters: <profile> [<new password>]

  • profileuser
    Changes the network user (domainuser) name and password specified in a profile. parameter: <profile> [<user> <password>]

  • profiledel
    Deletes the specified profile.
    parameter: <profile>


  • schedules
    Displays a list of current schedules.

  • deleteschedule
    Deletes a schedule.
    parameter: <schedule name>

  • enableschedule
    Enable a disabled schedule. parameter: <schedule name>

  • disableschedule
    Disable an enabled schedule. parameter: <schedule name>


  • restorevolume
    Starts a task to restore a volume from a backup.
    parameter:<image path> [:volume number] <restorevolume v2v!c: d:> [pw:<password>][force] [active] [mbr|newmbr] [signature] [track0] [create] [:size] [logical] [sdisk<number>]

  • restoredisk
    Starts a task to restore a disk from a backup.
    parameter:<image path>[change list] disk<number> [pw:<password>] [sdisk<number>] [force] [mbr|newmbr] [signature] [track0] [diskmeta] [extendntfs]

    Confire [:volume number], [,size], [,boot] with [change list].

Mount Image

  • mount
    Mounts a volume in a backup as a drive to local system. parameter: <image path>[:volume num] <driver Letter> [writeable [createMD5|autoDecidedMD5]] [sdisk<number>] [pw:<password>]

  • unmount
    Unmounts a previously mounted volume.
    parameter: <driver Letter> [force]

  • mountinfo
    Displays information about mounted volumes.

Create / Operate Backups

  • createimage
    Starts a task to create the backup specified by . parameter: \

  • imageinfo
    Displays backup information. parameter: <image path> disknum [pw:<password>]

  • password
    Changes the password for a backup.
    parameter: <image path> [<new password>] [pw:<old password>]

  • verify
    Starts a task to ensure that the backup file is not compromised.
    parameter: <image path> [pw:<password>]

  • unify
    Merges incremental backups to the specified point to an archive file. The original backups keep unchanged. parameter: <image path> <Destination image path> [pw:<password>] [createMD5|autoDecidedMD5]

  • consolidate
    Merges incremental backups created in specified range to one incremental backup. A new INC backup will be created. The original backup will be renamed or deleted. parameter: <base image path> n1-n2 [pw:<password>] [delOriginal] [createMD5|autoDecidedMD5]

Task Operation

  • tasks
    Displays information on current tasks.

  • task
    Changes selected task. parameter: <id> <cancel|pause|resume|perf> [<perfvalue>]

Boot Environment

  • rescueboot
    Changes the configuration and status of boot environment.