Life Cycle Management of Agent

Use the Push Install feature for life-cycle management of Agents. Please make sure that the following security settings are configured for the computers.

The following are the detailed operating procedures.

  1. Use one of the following procedures to launch [Push install] dialog.

    • Menu Bar: [Operations] - [Client Push Install]

    • Control Button: [Push Install]

    • Right-click menu on a managed client: [Push Install]


  2. Select the package to install. [Add new…] may be used to add a computer to the list.

    Setup and patch files for agent version or later are supported.

    Push Install does not support Linux Edition.

    To include a Virtual License’s product key and install the package on a virtual machine, visit here.

  3. Select the components to install.

    You cannot select a component when push-installing a patch program.

  4. Check the computers to install ActiveImage Protector. [Add new…] may be used to add a computer to the list.

  5. Specify the product key to use for installation of the package for the respective computers. [Add new…] may be used to add a new product key.

    When upgrading, the product key is already entered.

  6. Click [Run] to start installation.

When installing a package using Virtual License’s product key (Windows-Server)

Specify the hypervisor which the target virtual machines are running on. Select [Virtual] in [Installation Environment], enter/specify the Virtual License’s product key and then specify the hypervisor. The computers running on the specified hypervisor are listed, now select the target virtual machines. When the installation begins, a prompt to enter credential information is displayed.

Select [Uninstall] in the pull-down menu to uninstall an agent. Select options and click [Uninstall] to start uninstallation.