Deploy/Restore Master Image

  1. Attach the Deployment USB Device containing the master image to the target computer, and boot up the boot environment from the USB memory.

  2. When boot environment boots up, click [Restore]

  3. If [Auto-Start] option is enabled, count-down timer starts to run Deploy/Restore task automatically after the pre-defined time period passes.

    To cancel the Deploy/Restore task execution, click [Cancel].

    Deploy/Restore features support only the master image embedded by using this product. Deploy/Restore features do not support the backup image files copied to USB memory without using the wizard built in this product.
    Deploying/restoring the master image file to a hard disk smaller than the source disk fails.
    Restoring the master image file to the target computer fails, if the configuration of the disks (the number of disks / disk number) in the source computer and the target computer differs.
    If you specify “0” second for [Auto-Start] option, You cannot cancel the deploy/restore task execution.

  4. Upon completion of deploy/restore process, click [Finish] and restart or shut down the system.