Technical Support

Before Contacting Technical Support Service

Before contacting Technical Support for help and advice, please try to find solutions to your questions by consulting ActiveVisor Help, README and product information at our Web site. You can access our support information at: Web site.

Please remember when contacting Technical Support that you will be asked to provide the following information. You will also be requested to provide detailed description of your problem, including operating procedures to reproduce the problem, error messages, etc.

Generating Support Information File

You are kindly asked to send the support information file required for solving the problem.

Use Console (GUI):

  1. Go to [Help] and select [About].

  2. Click on [Generate Support Info] button.

  3. Support information file (AipSupportInfo_<CurrentDate>_<CurrentTime>.zip) is created in “/opt/Actiphy”.

Use Command Line tool

  1. Launch terminal and run the command.

     # /opt/Actiphy/aipsupport
  2. The support information file (AipSupportInfo_<CurrentDate>_<CurrentTime>.zip) is generated in “/opt/Actiphy”.

If you encounter a problem in Boot Environment, please send us the following support information file.

ActiveImage Protector Boot Environment (Linux) :
  1. Use console (GUI) and Go to [Help] - [About].

  2. Click [Create Support Info] button.

  3. The support information file (AipSupportInfo_<CurrentDate>_<CurrentTime>.zip) is created in “/opt/BE”.