Backup and Recovery using tape media

Please carefully read the following before starting to use tape media for backup destination or restore source.

The process time may increase when moving and loading tape media.

The information in the list may not be updated. If you get the problem, please launch the console again.


In order to check / categorize the tape media in the device, [Complete Inventory] is automatically started four minutes before starting the AIP service.
Even before executing [Complete Inventory], the media inserted in tape drive is detected, and other media are temporarily recognized as [Unrecognizable Media]. When you need to perform other operation before starting [Complete Inventory] in tape library, you are recommended to manually execute [Complete Inventory] in advance.
When [Complete Inventory] is executed, tapes are categorized according to the following rules.

Create Pool

  1. Select tape media in [Empty Media] to move into pool. link

  2. Select [Move to pool] in the menu and the target pool. By default, [Actiphy] pool is created.

  3. When moving pool completes, the specified media are moved to the pool. link

When creating a new pool, click [+ New Pool] and configure the settings. link

You can move only the tapes categorized in [Empty Media] can be moved to the pool. When you want to move the media recognized as [Unrecognized Media] or [Imported Media] to [Empty Media], please select [Move to pool] or [Erase].

When [Automatically allocate a tape from [Empty Media]] is enabled in Pool Setting, if the media are insufficient to save backups, the tapes in [Empty Media] are automatically allocated to the pool.


Please specify the pool to use for backup destination in backup wizard. link

You are recommended to record the sequencing of tapes on which backups are saved according to the bar-coded information, etc.

Insufficient space in media

Restore backup

Select a target pool in recovery wizard, a list of [Host] and [Recovery] points is displayed.

Operation in boot environment